Reputation Management is the practice of following someone's action along with tracking down the feedback from other people about this action. It’s not just true in individuals, it might include your profile, your organization, etc. Reputation management shows that the details about that trade can be suitable and also is straightforward to reach the population either with online otherwise with vintage techniques. Between the beginning of intensive computing, reputation management also received extensive use. You might have been hearing about corporate reputation management since long and wondering what all the fuss is about. How much do you really need it? And does it make a difference at all, you might wonder. Corporate reputation is certainly important, in fact it is the single driving force of the growth of a company and its progress. Reputation can either make or break a company, it can boost sales, kill off partnerships, attract more employees or deter opportunities, it all lies in the hands of a few people and it touches every single person involved with a company.

It is undeniable that today people are more connected than ever, the Internet is a constant part of all our lives. Efficiency is important in every area, and information often gets misinterpreted in these channels as there is less flexibility in expressing ideas through text alone. It is important to ensure that the responses and reactions of people to various situations or releases about the company is always kept track of. You might not realize until it is much too late how much damage is being done by a competitor because you did not track the reputation of your company online.

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